German composer faces rape trial. Wife appeals for funds

German composer faces rape trial. Wife appeals for funds


norman lebrecht

July 19, 2016

The composer Hans-Jürgen von Bose has been identified in tabloid newspapers as the defendant in a forthcoming rape case in Munich. (The newspapers name him as ‘Hans-Jürgen B.’; his wife went public with his full name.)

The alleged rapes took place while von Bose, 62, was a professor at the city’s Academy of Music, whose former rector was recently convicted of a sex offence aganst a faculty member.

Von Bose, who was suspended by the Academy in May 2015, will contest the charges.

Under the headline ‘A cry for help’, his wife, Karin Susanne ‘Kaline’ Bose, today issued an appeal to friend and admirers and opened a donation account here to help pay legal and health-care costs.

Mrs Bose maintains that violence is alien to her husband’s nature and that his health, already fragile, has been wrecked by the case.


Presumptions of innocence apply.


  • Stephen Hunter says:

    No John Boreslap, this man’s situation has NOTHING to do with the sort of music he writes.

    • John Borstlap says:

      We were all quite shocked to read the story in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (the butler is a fan of German culture), because we regularly gather in the wine cellar and secretly listen to Von Bose’s stuff, which mr B has strictly prohibited, like Lachenmann’s music we are fond of. Who could resist the seriousness of ‘Schlachthof’ (Slaughterhouse)?

      When we get enough of all that stuff we have to hear during our work, we heal our hearing scars with Von Bose’s exciting chamber music:

      … and read to each other v B’s sayings like: “….. a composer must set out from the status quo and come to grips with the music of the preceding generation.” After all, one has to balance the pressures of this job with some human vindication. Therefore we cannot believe the said accusations, since his music is so pure and highminded.

      And who is this Boreslap, by the way? Would be interesting to meet him, he seems to think like our boss, and we had some bets going-on that the nonsense we regularly hear in this place were entirely unique. I’ve to stop here, I hear footsteps


      • jaypee says:

        I didn’t think it was possible but your attempts at humor are even more pathetic than your inane comments.
        Don’t you have any pride?