Gergiev to play on Russian missile launcher

The Mariinsky Theatre has announced a Concert for Navy Day on board the flagship of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, Varyag.

The concert, conducted by Valery Gergiev, will be transmitted from the missile cruiser to the entire fleet. It will take place on Juy 31, the second night of the Mariinsky’s Far East Festival in Vladivistok.

Gergiev is expanding rapidly in the Far East. Putin has other designs in the region.

It is always regrettable to see an important musician acting as an instrument of military policy.

First in Syrian, now on the Chinese front.

gergiev palmyra

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  • Patriotism and local cultural identity makes artists vulnerable to politicians who need legitimization.

  • Can he be sent into space on a missile launcher.

    Just think of the blessed release all those still on earth will have.

  • Maybe he will be sitting astride the AK-130 dual purpose guns. (Designed to engage both surface and air targets.)

  • The Katyusha rocket launcher was nicknamed “Stalinorgel”, or Stalin’s pipe organ, by the Germans.

    So presumably this new development means Gergiev will be Putin’s organ grinder? Or is he just the monkey?

    • After a short period of common sense, Russia has decided to begin a 2nd cold war against the west and especially, Europe (for instance, Russia pays reight-wing populist parties in Europe like the NF in France, with the purpose of desintegrating the EU). Therefore, the brexit is good news for all enemies of the west. Any artist who let himself be used by that regime, is an enemy of Europe and the USA, so Gergiev should be banned from performing in the entire west.

  • History is littered with launched missiles which have failed and ended up going in the opposite direction (cough).

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