Frankfurt reports sharp rise in operagoing

Frankfurt reports sharp rise in operagoing


norman lebrecht

July 14, 2016

Oper Frankfurt reports it sold 85.06 percent of all available tickets in the season just ended.

That’s up from 80.69% the previous season.

The number of subscribers remained the same. They just went more often.

The pattern is pretty much the same in most major houses. (Except the Met.)

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  • Suzanne says:

    You’ve pictured the wrong building. The photograph is of the “Alte Oper Frankfurt”, Frankfurt’s original opera house which was bombed out during World War II and rebuilt as a performing arts center (with three stages) in the early 1980s. Great performances there, but the Oper Frankfurt is a different institution housed in a different (modern) building.

  • Harold Clarkson says:

    And of course with BREXIT there will be many more operagoers in future… Frankfurt is expecting 10.000 new jobs in the banking industry coming in from London…

  • Tom says:

    Must one be a subscriber to attend Oper Frankfurt? Could it be that the rise in overall attendance is attributable to single ticket buyers, including visitors to the city?

  • May says:

    Norman, I afraid I come to a different conclusion than you after looking at the numbers. While the so-called capacity numbers (percentage of tickets sold) increased 4%, there were 19 performances less than in the previous season, which amounts to 6% fewer performances. From the numbers, it’s not clear how many seats were actually filled, as some of the performances might not all have been ones on the main stage. So I disagree that the numbers are up; it seems that they either remained constant or slightly slipped. I’d advise rethinking the headline.

  • John Groves says:

    Perhaps the board of ENO should ask for a Training Day from OperFrankfurt? Whenever I visit the opera at Frankfurt (several times a season) it always seems nearly full these days, especially the expensive seats! One reason could be the employment of British Singers such as Peter Bronder and Clive Bayley. Perhaps ENO should try more of that!!