Drum roll: San Fran lures Pittsburgh’s prize timp

Drum roll: San Fran lures Pittsburgh’s prize timp


norman lebrecht

July 21, 2016

Pittsburgh Symphony principal timpanist Ed Stephan has won the San Francisco Symphony audition and will take a year’s leave of absence while trying out for tenure on the West Coast.

Ed arrived in Pittsburgh in 2011 from the Dallas Symphony.

He says: ‘I’m so excited for the new adventure ahead in San Francisco. Killer orchestra. Amazing city.’

ed stephan

UPDATE: Michael Tilson Thomas said: ‘Ed is a remarkable virtuoso and musician. We all look forward to the exciting contributions he will make to our orchestra.’


  • CapnTom says:

    San FranCISCO, please! (Or if you must abbreviate, use “SF” – and NEVER “‘frisco”.)
    Thanks from a “local”.

    • Greg from SF says:

      I’m a “local” too, Capntom, born here at St. Mary’s, and I have no problem with “Frisco”. It’s a word that’s been around since Gold Rush days, apparently first used by sailors. Later it became a widely-used word among Mexicans who came up from Baja California to resettle here. Train-traveling hobos in the early-to-mid 20th c. used it too.
      And “San Fran” is widely used among the younger generation of locals.
      The new term I’ve heard spoken by the youngsters is “The ‘Sco”.
      So, Norman – go for it!
      (BTW – congratulations, Ed !!)