David Garrett files lawsuit against his pornstar ex

David Garrett files lawsuit against his pornstar ex


norman lebrecht

July 24, 2016

The German concert violinist, who is being sued for $12 million by his former girlfriend Ashley Youdan, has filed a countersuit of $10 million. She claimed physical and mental abuse.

Garrett claims that Youdan, professionally known as Kendall Karson, had been threatening him with extortion.

Case details in the New York Post.


The nub of his claim is that Youdan Karson ‘bilked Garrett out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by convincing him that she loved him and would leave her former life.’


  • Richard Gibbs says:

    She claimed he forced her to drink his urine, now he’s counter claiming. So who is taking the piss out of whom?

  • Uri Zur says:

    WHO CARES!!!!

  • Brenda Carey says:

    I used to really enjoy listening to David Garrett until he did the Eminem cover. A lot of Eminem’s lyrics are some of the most misogynistic and violent music I have ever heard. My son used to have “Kim” on his playlist because he liked the beat. Then I had my son actually listen to the lyrics. Just a few seconds into the song, my son was horrified and volunteered to remove Eminem’s song from his playlist.
    Then I’m sad there has been this whole porn star engagement sexual abuse scandal. I don’t know what they did sexually and don’t want to know. I’m not a prude by any means but surely he didn’t need to pay for sex from an escort and then pursue an engagement. What he does is his own business but as a public person, there are repercussions. I don’t know if he did abuse her but I can’t get the pictures of those bruises out of my head. I just couldn’t support anyone’s music who possibly sexually abused someone. In the meantime, you know that expression, “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas” only I’m not sure who the dog is. By avoiding his music, I don’t get that creepy sleezy feeling I get when I listen to his music now.
    Oh well, there are so many great musicians out there I hardly have time to listen to all the music I want to. I’ve moved on. I do wish him well and hope he gets his shit together.

  • Ginny says:

    Gere and Roberts in Pretty Woman – same thing? Some have said that David is a bit naive about personal relationships. He wanted to redeem her and help her find a new life – helped her get a real estate license, let her live in his apartment all the time he was traveling.

  • glenda LaFont says:

    She preyed on him. Sounds like she had a pretty good pimp. It was all planned.g

  • moliere moliere says:

    VERY good musically is what i think

  • marcie says:

    I don’t care what he does in private life, we should not judge. His music changed my life. I wish I could tell him how my life changed when I heard him play. he is absolutely wonderful on stage.
    Marcie, Toronto, Canada