Conductor claims she was fired for getting pregnant

The Irish conductor and games composer Eimear Noone is suing Jason Michael Paul Productions Inc. in the Los Angeles Superior Court  for firing her from the production of “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses.”

Eimar is claiming pregnancy discrimination and is seeking damages for the depression she suffered after dismissal.

Report here.

eimear noone

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  • She needs some assertiveness training. Just grab a stool or chair and sit if they refuse your reasonable request. I hope she has a good lawyer because it sounds like they continued to use her image after they fired her (for whatever reason.) I hope she had a good lawyer vetting her contract AHEAD of time as well. Perhaps they have every right to her image.

    • Your comment proves both your brilliant intellect and your deep emotional maturity. Why don’t you go and enrich the world elsewhere?

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