Bolshoi denies job for John Berry

Bolshoi denies job for John Berry


norman lebrecht

July 18, 2016

Vladimir Urin, general director of the Bolshoi Theatre, has denied creating a post for former English National Opera boss, John Berry.

Urin said there had been no discussion of a permanent job for Berry in the Bolshoi’s governance structure.

He added, however, that Berry will be in Moscow this week for Berlioz’s Damnation de Faust and that discussions with him would continue.

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  • David Leibowitz says:

    So, “…there had been no discussion of a permanent job” but “discussions…would continue.”

    That makes sense. Sure.

  • pooroperaman says:

    Is Urin taking the piss?

  • John Groves says:

    Hopefully the Bolshoi will see sense! Otherwise they could well be short of roubles within a few years! There are lots(many hundreds!) of excellent German (and other!) ‘intendants’ they should consider who have a much better track record! Or do the want the Bolshoi to become a bankrupt second rate opera house?!!

    • Una says:

      John Berry was very much made the scapegoat at ENO by the press and those who wanted to get a knife out, and not fairly so. Always good to look at all sides of the story. The biggest problem was the Arts Council and the Board – and long before John was on the scene. It wasn’t he who cut the double chorus or wasted funds …

      • John Groves says:

        The Arts Council pumped a lot of cash into ENO with lots of promises to financially reform from John Berry and the board – which came to nothing. His spending was profligate – so much money was wasted during his tenure. In the end the Arts Council had to call a halt – ENO had been warned many times but had ignored the warnings. Why is the Arts Council ALWAYS blamed? – they have limited resources, and a duty to spend what they have in the best interests of the taxpayer – and opera-goer.

        • Guus Mostart says:

          You are ignoring one simple, basic fact: the Arts Coucil has woefully underfunded ENO for years – the Powerhouse, Dennis Marks, Nicholas Payne, Sean Doran and John Berry have all been victims of this Arts Council policy. If this problem is not addressed, regardless of whom is at the helm, the survival of ENO will remain in peril.

          • John Groves says:

            WNO, Opera North and Scottish Opera (also English Touring Opera) receive much less funding than ENO, yet each produces nearly as much work, as well as touring, which MUST be more expensive than just performing in London, nearly always in the same theatre! And you cannot say that the standards of these organisations are lower than ENO’s!!! If there is more money ever available from the Arts Council it should go to these regional touring companies, not ENO!! After all, everyone’s taxes from all over the UK is used by the Arts Council, which obviously has a limited budget!