Bolshoi chief in health scare

Reports flashed around Moscow early today that Vladimir Urin, 69, had been rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

The Bolshoi later issued a statement that the director was on leave and ‘undergoing long-planned wellness treatments’.

Never a dull day at the Bolshoi.

urin putin

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  • “Vladimir Urin, 69, rushed to hospital” …. Could one surmise, a kidney complaint?
    Best wishes for a swift recovery whatever the cause.

  • “Reports flashed around Moscow early today…
    The Bolshoi later issued a statement…”

    Again? Reports alleging Mr. Urin’s emergency hospitalization flashed around Moscow 3 days ago and statements by the Bolshoi and Mr. Urin’s wife, denying said reports, were issued 2 days ago.

  • ‘……………. undergoing long-planned wellness treatments’ – wasn;t that also the formulation for guests at the goelags?

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