Beverly Sills’s disabled daughter dies, aged 56

Beverly Sills’s disabled daughter dies, aged 56


norman lebrecht

July 21, 2016

Small notice in the NY Times:

GREENOUGH–Meredith H.,

56, died July 3, 2016. She loved Welsh Corgis, and was predeceased by her parents Beverly Sills and Peter B. Greenough. She is survived by her brother Peter Jr., three sisters, Lindley, Nancy and Diana and Joel L. Carr, her friend.

Buffy was born deaf and suffered from multiple sclerosis.

Her father died in 2006, her mother the following year.

Muffy, with her parents



  • Richard Wiegold says:

    נוחי על משכבך בשלום

  • Annabelle Weidenfeld says:

    I am very sad to hear that Muffy passed away as I was very fond of her, getting to know her well when we stayed with George and her parents with mutual friends in Acapulco. She was warm and affectionate and bore her illness and deafness with great courage. Her mother was devoted to her and used to worry about her future but I also know that she had wonderful steadfast support in Joel. My heart goes out to him.

  • Friend says:

    Muffy (not Buffy), was NOT “disabled” first! She was a wonderful, warm, kind, full of laughter and life, daughter of Beverly Sills.

    RIP Tuff Muff

  • Jill says:

    I was Muffy’s “big sister” at Camp Starlight for one year. She was a sweet, warm, loving, trusting soul who brought light with her where ever she was. May she Rest In Peace. She left me with many fond memories of our relationship. I was privileged to have known her!

  • M mcdermott says:

    May she rest in eternal peace, safe in the knowledge that Her mother and father adored her , and Jesus does too.

  • Elyse Barnett says:

    I taught Muffy how to dive, the summer she stayed at the Vernon Manor hotel with her mother, Beverly Sills. On the first day, her mother was reading by the pool, yet clearly listening: total patience. allowing me to try to understand early speech. but ready to help if I looked up. Muffy had a great summer, she learned to dive. and another opera singer had brought a child her age. Beverly Sills paid me $5.00 to sit for a performance, double the going rate for a teenage sitter. Tonight I thought about Muffy, and it is so sad to learn of her death. Muffy, you were loved, but you knew.