Barenboim: The world is sick, so we’re changing the medicine

Spaking at the press tour of the Barenboim-Said Academy in Berlin, the conductor said:

‘When you’re sick and you realize your medicine isn’t working, you have to try something different. That’s what we are doing right now. What has been done over the years in the Middle East had not been productive and has not brought peace. That’s why we are trying something else….

I believe education is much more important than we assume. Today, everyone tends to focus on the economy. Of course, the economy is important. People need to have enough to eat, and have work and money. But there are other things that are important. In the Gaza Strip for example, the average age of the population is 16 or 17. If you don’t do anything to educate the people there, what kind of future will they have?’




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  • “When you’re sick and you realize your medicine isn’t working…”

    It’s not clear the important figures in this realize they are sick or know they need medicine.

    • Bomb the Gaza Strip, Palestine, the whole Middle East, and much of America for that matter. With books and scores.

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