Andrew Lloyd Webber gives £1.4 million for music in schools

The composer’s gift wills secure four more years of free lessons provided by the Music in Secondary Schools Trust Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme, reaching 4,000 children.

He’s seeking a matching grant from the UK Government.

More here.

andrew lloyd webber

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  • I’m not ALW’s greatest fan by quite a mile, but he certainly deserves credit for this initiative. Well done, your Lordship.

  • Less than 1% of his net worth. Like me giving £1000. Not insignificant but not philanthropy on the scale of Carnegie, Gates or Warren Buffett.

    • Hey I can’t stand the guy either, but your comment makes you sound extremely resentful. I think it is worth celebrating that music in schools will benefit from an additional £1.4M even if the money comes from someone we don’t like or respect.

  • The LWs have made the most of their opportunities, talents and contacts. This is a good way to reciprocate, and to give a chance to the less well connected. A LW should not only be commended for this, but hopefully be held up as a beacon for others to follow suite.

    Music is a necessity for life, it should be valued as such. The effects on the young and old,and everyone in between, are immeasurable.

    I was lucky to have been given opportunities, largely paid for by the state or scholarships. I wish everyone had the chances I had.

  • Anyone who complains about any gift ought to be pilloried. Thank you ALW! The kids appreciate the gesture, as do the parents who want their kids to study music.

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