A maestro on trial in Korea

A maestro on trial in Korea


norman lebrecht

July 14, 2016

First press reports of Myung Whun Chung’s voluntary appearance at the Prosecutors Office in Seoul are hostile and prejudiced beyond the norms acceptable in western media.


The 63-year-old maestro is suspected of defaming the former CEO Park Hyun-Jung of the city-run orchestra by using his own wife.

Chung’s wife, known only as her last name Koo, allegedly made 10 orchestra employees file a lawsuit with the police against Park in December of 2015, saying “Park sexually and verbally harassed them.”

But in March this year their allegations were found to be false by the police who investigated the case.

Chung’s wife, the 68-year-old Koo, and 10 employees are now under investigation by the prosecution for their false allegations.

So, Maestro Chung is now suspected of trying to drive out CEO Park from the orchestra by using his wife and employees close to him.

More, and worse, here.

It’s hard to believe anyone can receive a fair hearing in Seoul when the Park family control the media.




  • Nick says:

    This is just so like the silly popular soap operas that dominate Korean television night after night. Seoul stands to become the laughing stock of the music world! Correction! It already IS the laughing stock. The Mayor and those in charge should never have allowed themselves to get into this wholly childish and pathetic situation. Now they are hoist with their own petard. Whatever the outcome, the music world will stand behind Chung. And those in the profession should be ready with as many sanctions as possible to ensure that Seoul never regains the standing in the world of music brought to it by Maestro Chung until he is proven innocent and the ghastly Ms. Park is the one in the dock – and preferably behind bars. Sadly, given Korean politics, the latter will never happen, but it is a situation devoutly to be wished!