Vienna Boys Choir are opening a school in Hong Kong

The ‘Vienna Boys Choir International School’ will open in 2018.

Next a stud farm for Lippizaner horses?

DPA report: Wien – Die Wiener Sängerknaben gründen erstmals eine Musikschule im Ausland. 2018 solle die internationale “Vienna Boys Choir International School” in Hongkong öffnen, teilte die für Einrichtung am Donnerstag in Wien mit. Präsident Gerald Wirth betonte, dass sich die Sängerknaben als künstlerische und pädagogische Institution verstünden, in der Musik, Schulbildung und soziale Verantwortung groß geschrieben werde.


vienna boys choir

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  • The future for western art music seems to be in Asian nations now; no question about it. They are seizing it with both hands, unlike western nations who seem to be abandoning art music in droves; I speak about the current younger generation not those who frequent concerts, operas and who buy recordings and treasure the legacy. The Vienna Boys Choir management understands all of that. Rattle and the Berliners are treated like rock stars and even going back to the 1980s the late Carlos Kleiber was adored and treated like a God in Japan!! These nations know they’ve struck gold, and good luck to them!!

    I can sleep soundly now, knowing that great music is destined to flourish instead of wilting on the vine.

  • This is quite old news as Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post ran a detailed article about it in early October last year, It will be a fully fledged school following the International Baccalaureate programme for three- to twelve-year-olds “who aspire to a career in music.” Yet there are several questions it fails to ask. How many children know at the age of three that they might be interested in such a career, for example?. Where will the graduates be able to find any school with a similar emphasis on music after age twelve? Opportunities for professional choral singers are presently few and far between in Asia, but no doubt some graduates will eventually find their way to western choirs and opera companies.

  • What happened to the Wiener Klang music academy, Hong Kong. Can anyone tell me if it has been closed. There is a website but no one replies. I heard it was for examinations only now not for teaching music.
    Thank you for any information.

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