UK conductor warns against Brexit

Andrew Manze tells his German audience that the outcome of the referendum is uncertain. He calls the current campaign (not unreasonably) ‘a victory of demagoguery over reason’.

Andrew, 51, is music director of the NDR Philharmonic in Hannover.


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  • So glad that he’s said this. We are heading towards a potential disaster for the arts as well as for everything else that affects our lives; the ‘Little England’ mentality is so depressing.

  • The devil’s advocate would say that musicians are egoists who only see their own best (of course this is not the case).

    • Even if that were the case, it’s a good argument for staying in. The lives of UK classical musicians will get a lot more difficult if we leave. Imagine not having the freedom to work throughout the EU!

      • Absolutely right. Brexit would spell disaster for UK orchestral touring in Europe – the income from which keeps many British orchestras afloat. A well-argued paper from the Musicians’ Union recently set out the case.

        • One of the many hidden economic benefits which get shouted down by the leavers’ loud and incorrect £350m figure.

    • Anyone who knows Andrew (I do), and this orchestra (I do) and their management (I do) would know that this isn’t his thinking. Andrew (who has in any case lived outside the UK for many years now) speaks directly from his heart, and (from talking to many colleagues over the last year), his views represents those of the vast majority – not all, of course – of British performing musicians whose work takes them outside the UK.

      To leave the EU would cause significant disruption to the UK performing arts, to the livelihoods of many thousands of performers, and to the UK economy: UK performers working regularly in Europe make a large and positive contribution to the British economy.

  • Not to worry – the UK will NOT leave the EU. I think in a few years it will actually be KICKED OUT.

    • No country especially the UK will be kicked out as far as they keep paying the “pizo”.

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