Tory minister: Arts can heal Brexit damage. Oh, really?

Tory minister: Arts can heal Brexit damage. Oh, really?


norman lebrecht

June 28, 2016

Culture minister Ed Vaizey has said culture will bring us together in times of ‘uncertainty and division’.

‘London 2012 united the nation and the world looked on in awe to our creativity, courage and character…. That’s why the arts – and the rest of the creative industries – need to be listened to as we debate the future of our country… They are naturally outward-looking, collaborative and internationalist. What they say matters. They represent, after all, our most successful industries, and what they produce is the envy of the world. So it’s vitally important that the arts are given a voice in Brexit Britain, and I will be calling on every Conservative leadership candidate to ensure that’s the case.’

Poor Ed, he really doesn’t get it.

His Tory party just crashed the country, putting us into our worst isolation since 1940. The arts can heal many things, but not this monstrous breach of faith, this wrecking ball.



  • pooroperaman says:

    ‘putting us into our worst isolation since 1940’

    No, bringing us our greatest freedom. And half the Tory party opposed this.

    • Doris Johnson says:

      That’s a joke surely. It’s just turned the country into an open prison. No one will be able to live or work freely anywhere outside the U.K. What kind of freedom is that? You’re probably alright, Jack.

      • Lydia Martin says:

        You need to understand true freedom in order to make this comment. Freedom has so much more to do with identity than work.

      • Dave T says:

        There are Brits living and working freely in NY, LA, Dubai, Sydney, Cape Town. I’m sure there will also still be some in Berlin and Copenhagen in the years to come.

  • Robert King says:

    Britain certainly did put on a brilliant show at the Olympics in 2012, and demonstrated to the world all those outstanding qualities that our Arts industry demonstrates, day in, day out. So might the person from that memorable opening Olympian night who can unite and lead the country to the promised land, be … Mr Bean?

    • Mikko says:

      No, obviously it’s the Spice Girls, the artistic highlight of the Olympics, if they can agree amongst themselves to be bothered.

  • Bruce says:

    “They [the arts] are naturally outward-looking, collaborative and internationalist.”

    And he’s saying that like it’s a favorable thing?

  • Maria Brewin says:

    “putting us into our worst isolation since 1940”

    This is becoming ridiculous.

  • Leave the Capital says:

    Cameron’s referendum proposal, indeed reaffirmation, was front and centre of the 2015 Conservative manifesto. Why is this such a shock? Didn’t want it? Don’t vote Tory. The chasm of inequality, poverty, social and political exclusion in the ‘UK’ has at last been exposed. Not a bad thing. Meanwhile, Labour and its self-serving MPs eats itself.