Tears and fears as Martha turns 75

It’s not all smiles and candles as the pianist of our epoch reaches a life milestone today.

abbado argerich2

Martha Argerich has been told that her Lugano Festival must close after a scandal-ridden bank withdrew its sponsorship. This month’s festival is her last.

But there will be more joys ahead.

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  • It is a milestone indeed, despite financial setbacks causing the festival to close. On the whole, Ms. Rage rich has sustained a respected presence of artists of the past, present and future. Her tremendous pianistic gifts places her among the pantheon of brilliant pianists. Her daring and elan is an inspiration to many pianists, and I for one, will be excited to hear her interpretations into the next decades.

  • Absolutely phenomenal birthday concert in Berlin today.
    Exemplary Beethoven concerti, ravishing Mozart 2 piano KV448 with Barenboim, and Scarlatti K.141 to die for!

  • Is that not one and the same devastatingly handsome Kovacevich in that early picture with Martha? He’s the one who interests me!!! (Be still my beating heart.)

  • Happy birthday!! Argerich played Gaspard in Japan last month.
    Of course solo!! Her $500 tickets sold out in minutes with no advertising. Right after her recital, who wants buy $50 Yuja or $100 langlang ticket? (Not me.

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