Prepare to boycott Europe’s largest opera house

Prepare to boycott Europe’s largest opera house


norman lebrecht

June 20, 2016

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced on Saturday that he will press ahead with the development of the Taksim area of Istanbul, overruling furious protests by residents. In 2013, millions demonstrated (below) against the Taksim plans. Eleven people died.

Erdogan now says the redevelopment will yield what he described as Europe’s largest opera house.

Let’s not go there.

This house will be built on innocent blood.




  • Olassus says:

    Why doesn’t he just refurbish the dilapidated Atatürk Performing Arts Center already on Taksim Square?

  • lukto says:

    Nobody believes that Erdogan would build an opera house. Even if they build an opera house there wont be any classical opera..

    There are two main projects. Ataturk Cultural Center and the Gezi park.

    The protest place was at the Gezi Park. It is not clear if the Opera building would involve the Gezi park project.

    Erdogan wants to re-build Taksim Military Barracks and destroy every institution which has the name Ataturk. Of course there will be a big shopping Mall.

    Additionally the military barracks has an other meaning. … Erdogans dream is to be the first Sultan of new Ottomans…

  • MDS says:

    Why do people persist in this delusion that Turkey is part of Europe?