Pic of the Week: Moses don’t scare ’em at Teatro Real

Pic of the Week: Moses don’t scare ’em at Teatro Real


norman lebrecht

June 16, 2016


That’s no golden calf.

It’s Romeo Castellucci’s new production of the Schoenberg opera in Madrid.

Is that Aron hiding behind the beef?

photo (c) Javier de Real


  • John Borstlap says:

    No piece of music is so unintentionally hilarious as the ‘orgy’ in M&A.

  • Julien says:

    This production was created in October 2015 at Opera de Paris (Bastille).
    So many comments have already been made about the beef.

  • Harold Lewis says:

    ‘Moses und Aron’ is a wonderful, richly rewarding score and the Golden Calf music is tremendously exciting. Few comments in this blog are as unintentionally unfunny as Borstlap’s laboured and pathetic attempts at humour.

  • David R Osborne (composer) says:

    I like the Golden Calf music myself, I also very much like Mr Bortslap’s work. I enjoy his postings on this forum as well. But as for some of the despicable and personal responses- Hey ‘RESPECT’. You might consider having a little courage and posting under your own name, just as John does. I’m otherwise going to assume you are one those many completely affectatious individuals that plague the new music art-form. Supporting the art you like does not mean having to resort to personal abuse of other’s ideas while hiding behind a frankly idiotic pseudonym.

    • EWatson says:

      Pressing “Like button” here.

    • John Borstlap says:

      Thank you…. It should not be forgotten that most music lovers don’t like the music but the sound it makes, that is something, at least, because they are potential ticket buyers. And for opinions: I like Boulez’ early Notations in its orchestral garb, while detesting his ideological warfare, things are not black and white. I adore many things of Schoenberg while holding his theoretical nonsense in contempt – that is what it deserves, should be obvious to any intelligent and musical person. (S’s late music is solidified lava, I think, and the Golden Calf music a failure, while the rest is, if you are in a sombre mood, more or less OK apart from the forced pretentiousness; but everything up till the dodecacaphonies is fascinating in one way or another.) I strongly object to the claims of sonic art to be music, it’s a disastrous intrusion when performed in a musical context, but I love Feldman’s utterly tragic sonic musings. And so on… Music is not to be revered but to love or to detest, because in that way we find ourselves and each other. Music brings people together, either with embraces or with a fist fight. But indifference is lethal.

      • David Osborne says:

        Your quote, from Beecham I believe, is one of my favourites. But with Boulez his as you describe it ‘idealogical warfare” did so much damage to music that I can’t listen to his own work outside of that context. Give me Ligeti ny day of the week over Boulez. Great music but also amazing person.

  • William Safford says:

    One of my favorite opera experiences was hearing Moses und Aron at the Met several years ago. And yes, I love the Golden Calf music.