Orchestra votes 50-16 to drop music director

Orchestra votes 50-16 to drop music director


norman lebrecht

June 07, 2016

The Orquesta de Valencia, one of the best in Spain, has consulted its musicians on whether to renew the contract of its Israeli music director, Yaron Traub.

The players voted 50-16 to let him go, with nine abstentions.

The decision, however, is not binding on the orchestra management.

A former Barenboim assistant Traub, 52, is son of the long-serving Israel Philharmonic concertmaster, Chaim Taub.

yaron traub


  • Oskar says:

    Mr. Lebrecht, I think it’s Chaim TAUB, not TRAUB. However, the name of the son really seems to be with an “r”, quite a mystery 🙂

    • May says:

      “Taub” means deaf in German. Not a good name for a musician, even though it’s an apt description of many conductors.

      • Oskar says:

        Yes, I know what it means… This may well be the reason the son/conductor added the “r” 🙂 in his surname.

  • Rodrigo says:

    Awesome precedent.

  • Nick says:

    Not the first time a conductor has added a letter to his name. Christoph Prick is known as Christoph Perick in the English-speaking world. No prizes for guessing why!

  • John G. Deacon says:

    What a disgraceful and ungrateful action. I am appalled for Traub has brought this orchestra to a very high standard indeed (they recently won my “pianissimo of the year” award!) and, since the departure of Maazel & Mehta (down the road at the opera house) they may even have pulled ahead.

    We hope this doesn’t happen but politicians may be involved here ! We have an expression in our household in reference to Spanish politicians : “these are not very clever people” …. perhaps we need to extend the scope of this judgement ?