Neville Cardus, RIP

Neville Cardus, RIP


norman lebrecht

June 23, 2016

Such a shame that the Guardian has all but given up covering county cricket and classical concerts, the two pastimes that Neville Cardus turned into essential breakfast reading.

Many non-lefties bought the Guardian for those two subjects. No longer.

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UPDATE July 18: The Guardian has finally buried cricket by getting rid of chief correspondent Mike Selvey.

Mike tweets:  no longer want 50 yrs intimate knowledge of cricket, cricketers and how game is played for future coverage.(cont)

(cont) so after 31 years with them, Im leaving at end of September. Sorry.



  • Peter Phillips says:

    Real lefties, as you call them, wouldn’t read the Guardian but I take your point. The news coverage has shrunk drastically in favour of “in depth” pieces and playing to the liberal, metropolitan chatterati. A far cry from the days when Barbirolli and the Halle gave two concerts as “A tribute to Neville Cardus”, one in the Free Trade Hall and the other in the RFH. I cannot remember the first part of the programme; it may have included Delius. But the second part was Mahler 5. I was there and it started me on the Mahler path. More importantly, Cardus was there too. He and Barbirolli were apparently great friends.

  • Sue says:

    Sadly, the Guardian mostly has a reading age of about 12. Even the classical music section mostly states the bleeding obvious, with the occasional big word thrown in for the sake of credibility.