Music biographer dies in balcony fall

Music biographer dies in balcony fall


norman lebrecht

June 03, 2016

Best known for her sympathetic best-sellers on David Bowie, Patrick Swayze and Liza Minelli, Wendy Leigh was an assiduous and productive celebrity biographer. She was found dead beneath her riverside balcony in London.

Wendy was 65. She had been suffering from depression, following her mother’s death.



  • Una says:

    I really dislike such an end to a life like this. It is extremely sad and more so for those of her friends and family left behind. You never really get over it …

    • Catherine-Grace Patrick says:

      Una, my sincere sympathy for your anguish. I’m certain your loss feels unbearable …. and I’ve been there. I know. But please consider this: Apparently, Ms. Leigh was truly suffering more than she could capably bear. I pray that now she is at peace, her suffering vanished. Pray for her, Una; and in loving her so deeply that you can ask God to forgive her for how she injured yourself and the others who love her still, you will heal, over time, in the process. I promise.

      Sincerest condolences,

      • Whoever says:

        Catherine-Grace, why do people who’ve sold their brains to buy a bible insist on framing every tragedy in the context of some divinity’s mercy? That kind of glib, self-serving approach can actually cause some people to get more upset.

        Perhaps you are able to commune directly with a divinity. If so, I congratulate you and hope that your enlightenment gives you peace of mind and removes the need to ponder things beyond the platitude of “god willed it, and besides, they’re in a much better place now.”

        Other people may consider the illusion of some “divine” plan to be complete bunk, since a good god would never allow tragedy to happen. And please spare me the “to test you” standard silly answer to that one, because if a god who is omniscient and omnipresent existed, he/she/it would know the answer to how someone would stand up to a test, and thus wouldn’t need to torture people to prove that they can stand being tested.

        Read the collected works of Robert G. Ingersoll – they’re available for free download online from the Gutenberg project – and offer your condolences when you can answer all the questions Ingersoll poses to your god.

        • Hans-Dieter Glaubke says:

          Bravo, Whoever!
          One must add, there are those, who are quite certain, that god speaks English.

        • Respect says:

          I’m sorry, mr. Hitchens, but is your wildly off-topic diatribe on faith necessary at this moment? Didn’t anyone ever point out to you that there are times when this kind of mindless loggorhea isn’t appropriate? The poster was simply trying to console from a faith perspective. Let the dead rest.

          Not caring one whit about responses.

      • Una says:

        Catherine, I really don’t pray for the dead! And I am not I anguish – that will be her friends and family who are left behind … enough said

      • Una says:

        Catherine, I really don’t pray for the dead! And I am not I anguish – that will be her friends and family who are left behind … enough said ….