Just in: Glastonbury’s tribute to Bowie will be a classical symphony

The Somerset rock festival has let it be known that it will commemorate the death of David Bowie in classical style.



Charles Hazlewood will conduct an orchestra in Philip Glass’s 1996 ‘Heroes Symphony’, based on Bowie’s 1977 album ‘Heroes’. It will be accompanied by a light show.

Philip Glass says: ‘When Charles told me of his plan to take my ‘Heroes Symphony’ to Glastonbury, I was delighted. It’s very exciting to think of it playing – at the midnight hour – out across the parkland, a true celebration of Bowie. I am so very pleased members of the British Paraorchestra and Chris Levine’s epic light performance will be part of it – what a spectacular collaboration. This is sound and vision Bowie-style.’

The performance – on June 25 from 11.45pm to 00.30am – will be broadcast live on BBC4.



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