It’s official: Andris Nelsons quits Bayreuth

‘With the utmost respect’, Andris Nelsons has asked to be released from his contract to conduct Parisfal at this summer’s Bayreuth festival.

The official reason: ‘Owing to a differing approach in various matters, the atmosphere at this year’s Bayreuth Festival did not develop in a mutually comfortable way for all parties. With regret, the Bayreuth Festival agree (sic) to Andris Nelsons’ request.’

There’s more to it. More follows.


UPDATE: Conductor comes last.


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  • I can’t say I regret this. His Parsifal last year in Birmingham was utterly boring and superficial, no sense for tension and colour at all. Let’s see who will take over. Hopefully not Thielemann. Janowski would be great, but this is very unlikely.

    • I’ll be there. Glad to read that Nelsons’ way with the score is no loss. Am not a fan of his anyway.

      But I don’t like Thielemann in Wagner either. Will be delighted with either Janowski or Schirmer!

      Hopefully we won’t all get blown up or machine-gunned for our infidel ways.

      • Chacun a son gout. The critical reception in Birmingham was universally ecstatic. And this bizarre, inartistic idea that Nelsons’ interpretation is some fixed object (like a recording): I’ve never heard him conduct anything the same way twice. Your loss. Well, everyone’s loss, by the look of it.

        • “I’ve never heard him conduct anything the same way twice.”

          So you’re saying he’s artistically inconsistent, then.

          If it was the same way every time, then it would be “he lacks imagination.”

          Either way, the critics (or the criticisers) win! 😛

          • If I went to a live performance I wouldn’t expect it to be the same every time, that’s the whole point of a live concert, who knows what will happen, where the phrase will go and a bit of spontaneity. And I couldn’t disagree more about his interpretation in Birmingham, it was an unforgettable concert.

  • I vote for Mikko Franck to replace Nelsons. He is a very good conductor who bailed out Wien with an excellent Elektra and Paris with a very good Tristan.

  • It seems that, according to Bayern Klassik today, Nelsons and the Parsifal producer were against cast changes being suggested by the Bayreuth management: that’s what caused the tiff with Thielemann.

  • Christina says:

    Let the Brits stick with their Brexit go ahead and keep their mouth shut – they shall keep their most likely unqualified opinions to themselves.

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