Gergiev wins humanitarian award

Valery Gergiev was yesterday awarded the Russia State Prize for outstanding humanitarian achievements by President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

To be a great humanitarian in Russia is to endorse all of Putin’s activities.

gergiev palmyra
Gergiev conducts in ‘liberated’ Palmyra

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  • Excuse me, but have you ever heard of anyone brave enough to take an entire orchestra into a war torn area with bombing still within earshot to perform a classical concert? Or has in fact any other country ever attempted something similar? This man definitely deserves a peace prize for this action alone regardless of what you may think of Putin or any of Russia’s past policies. Watch the concert yourself before commenting (especially for the Bach Chaconne which begins at 11:55):

  • Bravo Paul! You really know the score. And if Gergiev had said no way to this political opportunity…?

  • Compared to Putin, Gergiev is a great humanitarian indeed: at least he never had anyone murdered, as far as we know.

  • Let’s just go back to Gergiev’s ‘this law is to protect our children’ line about the anti-gay measures in Russia and see how only yesterday two men were arrested for laying flowers at the American Embassy in Moscow to show solidarity with Orlando. An ultra-orthodox movement jeering at them called the police. Any connection?

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