First pics: Vienna Philharmonic opens home for refugees

The disused inn bought by the orchestra to give a home to refugees from Syria and elsewhere has been declared open.

The first family moved in this week.

vpo refugees

Members of the orchestra welcomed them with an informal jam session.

vpo refugees1

The Vienna Philharmonic will continue to give benefit concerts to maintain the house and support other fugitives from was and injustice.

Applause, please.


photos (c) VPO/Slippedisc

The Philharmonic House for Asylum Seekers in St. Aegyd holds three apartments as well as a large community meeting room where the local population is invited to seek contact with the families. The care of the families will be in the hands of the refugee service of the Diakonie.

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  • An example to be followed.

    (Now we have to wait for the comments with complaints about the number of women and nazis among the refugees.)

  • No, I’m intrigued about how the benchmark for ‘refugees’ has now been expanded from ‘wars’ to include ‘injustice’. That leaves the way open for about half the world.

  • Unfortunately the other 278 have to suffer for the criminal behaviour of the two who did this and part of their suffering is to be lumped together with them as if equally responsible. If I live in the same street as a murderer, that does not mean I’m a murderer. Let’s have more sense, more humanity and less exaggeration and hate.

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