Death of an FT critic

The former Financial Times music critic David Murray died just before 11 yesterday morning, in the Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead.  He was 79.

A Canadian who came to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, David lectured in philosophy at the University of London and gave occasional piano recitals. He gave up the piano after breaking a finger and retired as a critic in January 2007 after 27 years on the FT.

UPDATE: His sister Jan, a well known dance critic, died a week later.

noble porter murray

l-r on the FT: Jeremy Noble, Andrew Porter, David Murray

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  • Favorite David Murray story. He reviewed premiere of Powder Her Face saying, it’s the first opera to show a blow job. Instead FT printed “simulation of oral sex.” Meeting his editor at a party he confronts her: Why did you change my text? FT editor: We have a very large American readership and I’m not sure they are familiar with the term blow job.
    A year or so later, he again reviews the piece, uses the same term, and they let it stand.

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