Death of an FT critic

Death of an FT critic


norman lebrecht

June 19, 2016

The former Financial Times music critic David Murray died just before 11 yesterday morning, in the Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead.  He was 79.

A Canadian who came to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, David lectured in philosophy at the University of London and gave occasional piano recitals. He gave up the piano after breaking a finger and retired as a critic in January 2007 after 27 years on the FT.

UPDATE: His sister Jan, a well known dance critic, died a week later.

noble porter murray

l-r on the FT: Jeremy Noble, Andrew Porter, David Murray


  • Richard Wilson says:

    Favorite David Murray story. He reviewed premiere of Powder Her Face saying, it’s the first opera to show a blow job. Instead FT printed “simulation of oral sex.” Meeting his editor at a party he confronts her: Why did you change my text? FT editor: We have a very large American readership and I’m not sure they are familiar with the term blow job.
    A year or so later, he again reviews the piece, uses the same term, and they let it stand.