Death of an Argentine-Soviet composer

Sergey Kortes, who has died aged 82, migrated with his Communist parents in 1955 to the workers’ paradise. They settled in Minsk, where he rose to become head of the¬†National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre and a People’s Artist of Belarus.

Kortes added a shimmy of tango to the austerities of Soviet and Belarus musical life.


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  • That is very interesting.
    Is it known how many people migrated to the Soviet Union. Were people from non communist countries welcomed to make a permanent move there?

    • Most of the ones who emigrated to the Soviet Union in the 1920’s and 1930’s indeed pemanently resided there: underground, after being accused of spying and shot or sent to the Gulag and worked to death. See, for example, The Forsaken by Tim Tzouliadis.

  • Not Argentinean, but Chilean. Born in San Antonio, Chile (according to Wikipedia and other sources)

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