Curtis legend is 102 today

Eleanor Sokoloff, teaching piano into her second century.

eleanor sokoloff

Pictured today with ex-student Leon McCawley.

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  • Happy Birthday, Eleanor. My fondest memories of you are Curtis piano auditions and your iron-fist in a velvet glove style. Scales and arpeggios, no wonder I never had a career. You remain an unforgettable colleague.

  • Happy Birthday Eleanor!

    The Curtis family is unbelievably richer for every thing you’ve done and continue to do!

  • As a student at Curtis it was always a great experience to see and hear Ms. Sokoloff. She always had something nice to say and greeted students in every possible field of study with warmness and encouragement. Truly a loved and wonderful person to know and wishing you a very Happy Birthday and may your new year be filled with continued good health, happiness and success in whatever you undertake.

    • It would not surprise me if that was because scales and arpeggios were inflicted upon them. They are cruel instruments of torture indeed, like the martyrdom of saints to deserve heaven.

    • If you have any personal experience which you believe should be shared, then do it. If not, why are you posting this?

  • Dearest Eleanor, It’s only 62 years ago that I studied all too briefly piano with you but I loved every minute. Happy birthday and much, much love,
    Arnold Steinhardt

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