Bach house puts on anti-semitism show

The Bach birthplace at Eisenach has opened an exhibition on the aggressive anti-semitism of Martin Luther, leader of the Reformation, whose Gospel texts J S Bach set so beautifully to music.

Outraged that the Jews refused to follow him into a reformed Christianity, Luther in his speeches and writings reinforced Catholic stereotypes of Jews as parasites and deicides.

These became, in time, bedrock Nazi propaganda.

luther jews

«Luther, Bach – und die Juden»: 24.06. – 06.11.2016. Bachhaus Eisenach, Frauenplan 21, 99817 Eisenach

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  • While no-one disputes the horrible opinions that Luther uttered, there is an important difference between him and the nazis. Luther condemned the Jews for their religious beliefs (meaning Jews who converted were accepted into the Christian community) while the Nazis condemned them on racial/biological grounds.

    Nevertheless, religious intolerance is also appalling.

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