Anna Netrebko is hailed as Vienna’s shopping queen

Anna Netrebko is hailed as Vienna’s shopping queen


norman lebrecht

June 21, 2016

First review of last night’s Manon Lescaut, set by director Robert Carsen in a shopping mall, depicts Anna as a dedicated Shopping Queen.

Don’t they know she never shops in malls?

She does her shopping at Chopard.

netrebko chopard


Review here.



  • Nick says:

    I hope her shopping is not restricted to Chopard, otherwise she’d be covered in watches! Presumably Chopard put up some cash for the production to get their name up there, as it does several glitzy events like the Cannes Film Festival.

  • hadrianus says:

    Even in the booklet of Netrebko’s DGG recording of “Iolanta” one can read “Anna Netrebko wears jewellery by Chopard”. On three of her 7(!) photos in that same booklet, two kitschy earrings in the form of hearts can be detected. They must cost a fortune, but may be promotional hirings only. Anyhow, Chopard “invests” in Netrebko since her international beginnings. And years ago, when she returned to her country for concerts, I saw Moscow’s streets adorned by Chopard banderoles announcing her.