A second Abbado orchestra returns from the dead

A second Abbado orchestra returns from the dead


norman lebrecht

June 08, 2016

Following the Italian government intervention to save the European Union Youth Orchestra from death at the hands of the EU Commission, we learn today that the Orchestra Mozart, the last ensemble founded by Claudio Abbado, will reassemble in January after a three-year silence.

The orchestra was wound up a few days before Abbado died after a bank withdrew sponsorship.

Bernard Haitink will conduct the first concert of the revived band in Bologna on January 6.






  • Ppellay says:

    Not too many decades ago, Edgard Varèse said that the contemprary composer refuses to die. Seems one can say the same for orchestras these days.

  • Bennie says:

    How many woman conductors are working in Italy, or from Italy?


  • herrera says:

    How many orchestras did Abbado start? Mahler Chamber, Lucerne, Mozart, EUYO.

    Barenboim’s (East-West) got a political purpose. Muti’s (Cherubini) got a national purpose.

    What’s Abbado’s orchestras’ purpose(s)? Are not enough musicians playing Mozart or Mahler? Are young European classical music students not getting the orchestral training they need? Does Switzerland need an orchestra? And why does Italy feel compelled to rescue them all with Italian money?

  • Peter Phillips says:

    This probably says more about money than about music – a prestige project for a well heeled sponsor. I notice that no one wants to resurrect and sponsor the regional orchestras that have disappeared or been merged. If someone is feeling that generous, maybe in the UK we could have the Bournemouth Sinfonietta back or the Ulster Orchestra restored to its previous strength.