Youtube singing sensation skipped bail for New York rape

Saad Lamjarred is currently the hottest commodity in North African music, with (according to Guiness) the most-viewed Arab video on Youtube, 325 million hits and climbing.


Fame, however, has its drawbacks. A woman who accused him of raping her in New York saw the video and reminded police, through her lawyers, that he had skipped bail six years ago.

Saad has some serious questions to answer.

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  • Does it seem like usually there is not much attention for Arabic music but when such an accusation can be published, it gets attention here? A woman says she recognises him. Even if they had an affair, then it would be not the first time afterwards, if things worked out a bit disappointing, one of the parties later out of revenge claims it was rape,
    Come on, the way this item is presented here is rather like vile racism.
    A disgrace for this blog. Not the first one as well.

    • Agree this is a highly misleading, possibly Islamo- or Arab-phobic headline. But to suggest that it’s a regular occurrence for someone to press rape charges or make rape claims after an “affair” that turns out to be “a bit disappointing” is disgraceful in its own right.

  • I said it would not be the first time… I did not write that it is a regular thing. What I wanted to say in other words, only innocent until proven otherwise… The whole mood of the posting is strongly insinuating.

  • gee the politcally correct gestapo is on the loose again…’s a news item nothing more nothing …
    The fact that he left the US asap says it all

    • Another racist or at least prejudiced slur. The man is a singer from Morocco. So of course he is not living in the USA.
      And I am rather political correct than racist and prejudiced.

  • Knew it way before it hit the news, this guy is a serious ass pervert. He’s taking advantage of his fame to get close to underage and young girls.
    I seriously comfirm this.

  • Why was he granted bail. Why was his passport not confiscated, at the very least…find him, stuff him in a bag, extradite him to NYC.

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