When a soprano in her 80s steps up to sing Verdi

Here’s what we know of the concert.

It took place on May 8 in Torino. The octogenarian soprano Fauta Truffa sang “La Vergine degli angeli” from “Forza del destino” by Verdi.

The chorus consisted of members from the Coro di Torino and Coro ArcalRai. The conductor was Riccardo Berruto. The pianist, Andrea Turchetto.



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  • Lovely. Could we get her first name right, Norman? According to the original video poster, it is Fausta.

  • She never sang as a soloist in an opera house.The pianist who is playing told me so. What a sad state of the arts we have today. Great singers like Fausta Truffa do not get a chance to be “soloists” and are actually better than so called “soloists” of today. I guess that is why opera attendance is down close to 50% and theaters are closing everywhere.

  • We have members of our chorus group who have beautiful voices, even one was trained at Juilliard. Real singing seems to be a lost art.

  • So lovely!! She has kept her trained voice in good condition—and much applause for the beautiful interpretation!!

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