Video: Parliamentary debate, Turkish style

Ankara, today. The frontline of European democracy.

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  • Wow. You would think the Turks would have figured out to disguise their hatreds and realities better if for no other reason than public relations with the rest of the world.

  • You would think we Americans (Trump and his supporters) would have figured out the very same thing as the Doktor Avalanche above has stated about the Turks. Our shame!

  • From your own descriptor page: “Who we are, what we do Slipped Disc was founded on in 2007 by the author and broadcaster Norman Lebrecht with the aim of providing swift and reliable inside information on the most fascinating of art forms. In response to investor interest, it upgraded to this present site in May 2014. Slipped Disc is an interactive site that receives a constant flow of information from its readers around the world. If something happens in music, you are likely to read it here first.”

    With that in mind, I’m attempting to discern what this post has to do with music.

    • This debate looks just like the meetings of the Dutch Composers Guild in the eighties.

      It’s entirely democratic though: everybody gets a chance to express his opinion in the way he deems best.

    • Comparative research into the statistical similarities and differences between the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Wiener Philharmoniker…..although Ankara today has more than 2.5 million women and nearly 11.000 individuals originally from East Asia, less than a handful of women and not a single Asian were given the opportunity to participate in this parliamentary brawl.

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