The state of play on Munich Academy’s convicted groper

The state of play on Munich Academy’s convicted groper


norman lebrecht

May 17, 2016

There has been much misreporting of detail – including on this site – of the complex judicial situation surrounding the conviction of Siegfried Mauser, former rector of the Munich Academy, of sexual assault.

A Munich observer has compiled the following fact chart:

– Siegfried Mauser was found guilty of one of two counts. Some German papers have that wrong, and state guilty on both counts.
– Re. the second count, the court found that the plaintiff could not demonstrate sufficiently that she had offered sufficient resistance to his advances.
– Sixteen witness were called. In the sense of not witnessing the events in question, but of giving evidence of their experiences. Or of corroborating hearsay evidence.<
– Mauser was thus sentenced on the first count of “sexual assault”.
– He received 1 year and 3 months on probation. Also he was fined € 25,000 and will give this to a charity IMMA: Initiative für Münchner Mädchen (Initiative for Munich Young Women)
– The court’s decision has not yet become res judicata and is therefore not yet enforceable
– His lawyers are now discussing whether or not to appeal. They announced immediately after the trial that they would.
– The trial went faster than expected, the result was originally expected to be announced on 31 May.
– The judge, before delivering his verdict on Mauser: “Mit Verlaub, Herr Rektor, Sie sind ein Grapscher…. With all due respect, Mr President, you are a groper.”
“Möglicherweise fühlen Sie sich sexuell so attraktiv wie James Bond. Da überschätzen Sie sich aber in Ihrer Wirkung.” Possibly, you feel yourself to be as sexually attractive as James Bond. You overrate, however, the effect you have [on people].”

siegfried mauser