Sick-list: Franz cancels Munich

Franz Welser-Möst has pulled out of this week’s three concerts with Bavarian Radio.

His replacement is Karl-Heinz Steffens.

Er? Music Director of the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz.

welser-most salzburg


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  • Just because Norman hasn’t heard of him doesn’t mean he’s not much more than competent – in fact rather good!!

    • He’s one of the worst conductors I ever had the misfortune to hear! But he is rather well known and not only in Germany. He will be the new boss at the norwegian national opera.
      I simple Wiki search would have shown this…


        See his Kalendar at the above site. He is one busy dude. I heard him in concert three years ago and was not unimpressed. But his workload now suggests he is a Zubin Mehta type, doing anything, everything, in the same perfunctory way — i.e. not interesting.

    • And before joining Berlin Phil he had been principal clarinet for several years with this very same Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

      • I’m happy that someone knows what is going on here! Thank you! Steffens is a wonderful musician and a joy to work with.

  • ==Just because Norman hasn’t heard of him

    In fact Steffens has been mentioned several times in Slipped Disc. A quick search can show that KhS is not a total unknown !!

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