Russia publishes cultural rich list

The Ministry of Culture has issued its annual list of arts millionaires, based on public salaries and tax returns for official positions.

There are four conductors among the top ten:

1. Igor Pogrebinsky, deputy director of the Pushkin Museum – 229,804,330 rubles ($3.5 million)

*2. Valery Gergiev, artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre – 130,216,902 rubles ($1.96 million)

*3. Yuri Temirkanov, artistic director of St. Petersburg Philharmonic – 74,491,119 rubles ($1.1m)

4. Oleg Tabakov, artistic director of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater – 70,114,277 rubles.

*5. Vladimir Spivakov, president “House of Music” – 65,367,548 rubles ($1m)

6. Zadorozhnyy Vadim, director of Museum-Estate Arkhangelsk – 37,677,906 rubles.

7. Sergei Filin, deputy director of Rossiya state folk dance ensemble – 30,407,530 rubles.

*8. Vladimir Jurowski, artistic director of Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra – 29,116,182 rubles ($450,000)



9. Svetlana Melnikova, CEO of Suzdal museum – 26,178,674 rubles.

10. Lev Dodin, artistic director of the Maly Drama Theatre – – 26,499,621 rubles.

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  • Not surprisingly, the well-connected “billionaire” cellist is conspicuously absent from this list.

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