Putin’s cellist is given free use of two Olympic beaches

Gazeta reports that the billionaire Russian cellist Sergei Roldugin has been granted sole use of two beaches near the Olympic facilities in Sochi by resolution of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region. He will hold the right for five years.

Nice to have good friends in high places.


sergei roldugin palmyra

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  • His foundation has been granted it, not him personally. But thanks for at least providing the link to your “sources” this time

  • Putin bashing, Mr. Lebrecht!
    he the only challenge to the NATO banksters, got rid of his Russian crooked oligarchs , some of whom live in the UK..

    re having sponsors – richer friends ask from whom Barack O, David C, Hillary C, an the rest ‘enjoy’.privileges….

    • It is true that politicians anywhere – unlike most of us of course – are not saints. But one would have to blind not to see the profound differences, including those in the allocation of privileges, between the virtual dictator of Russia and his Western “colleagues”.

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