Must-watch: My Papa is an opera singer

Must-watch: My Papa is an opera singer


norman lebrecht

May 11, 2016

The international US bass Steven Humes was trying to explain to his little daughter why he’s away from home so much – and then she took control.

‘No matter what the show,’ says Estella, ‘ he always sings LOUD’.

Steve tells Slippedisc: ‘Narrating it helps my daughter understand and be part of my travels a bit. It takes the edge off the 6 week trip!’

steven humes



  • Bruce says:

    Super cute.

  • Barbara says:

    That was very nice to watch.

  • jaxon says:

    I’m amused by the phrase “international US bass.”

  • Lydia Wahlberg says:

    Jonas Kaufmann should have learned fathering skills from this wonderful man

  • Tessa Hill says:

    Wonderful way to share a brilliant career! Loved how your daughter narrated it!

  • Charlie Thomaston says:

    This was AWESOME!!