Music critic is fired for putting strip club on expenses

Good to see there is one critic left who can still claim expenses.

Music and culture writer Sasha Frere-Jones has abruptly exited the L.A. Times after less than a year amid allegations of expense-account shenanigans involving a strip club and accepting expensive freebies from sources.

“Yes, Sasha Frere-Jones resigned recently,” a representative for the Times told TheWrap via email on Monday…

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strip club

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  • Actually, Mr. Frere-Jones was at said venue in his capacity as part of a recruiting team, scouting out potential candidates for the roles of the ‘three child-spirits’ in an upcoming Calixto Bieito staging of The Magic Flute.

  • The work ethic he needed at the New Yorker, writing one or two pieces a month, didn’t prepare him for the faster pace of the LA Times. His 45 pieces “between mid-August and April 1” was significantly less than other writers’.

    It’s disappointing that someone working as an editor at “” would get caught trying to expense strip clubs…never would’ve happened to Albert Einstein…

    Anyway I’m sure he won’t be hurting for money. Whatever he comes up with for Farrar, Straus & Giroux will probably sell decently.

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