Munich Academy faces second sex scandal

A second professor at the Munich Academy of Music is reported to be facing trial for sex offences.

The teacher, named as ‘Hans-Jürgen B.’, has been suspended. He is accused of raping a female student.

He will be brought to trial shortly after the conclusion of the process against the former rector Siegfried Mauser, described by the judge as ‘a groper.’



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  • Forgive what will be seen as cynicism, but there are as many sex scandals as schools: it is sadly part of the human condition.

  • /sigh
    and some people have the time and energy to worry about which stall you go to to evacuate waste.

    • Some people have the legitimate fear that they might be attacked or beaten if they end up in the “wrong” bathroom. Or have the police called on them, and be forcibly removed by the police. If that is not a concern of yours, good for you.

  • “Police have said they will prosecute the case as soon as the trial of the former rector Siegfried Mauser has concluded all its appeals.”
    This is not plausible, because the police, at least in Germany, doesn’t prosecute at all. Their task is to investigate, and it is rather inconceivable that they would wait for any appeal in another case to carry on.

    • That’s Norman’s wording, Gerhard. Officially:

      “Die Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt in dem Fall bereits seit über einem Jahr. Im April 2015 wurde eine Hausdurchsuchung bei Hans-Jürgen B. durchgeführt. Es wurden geringen Mengen von Aufputschmitteln und eine Schreckschusspistole gefunden. Die Beamten trafen ebenfalls eine Studentin an, die nach eigenen Angaben im Haus wohnte und laut [Rechtsanwalt der Verteidigung] Ufer eine Affäre mit dem Professor hatte. Die Frau wurde Ufer zufolge der Polizei gegenüber ausfallend und müsse mit einem Verfahren wegen Behinderung polizeilicher Ermittlungen rechnen. Ufer rechnet damit, dass die Ermittlungen gegen seinen Mandanten eingestellt werden.”
      (from the link in my first post)

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