Mrs Nelsons ducks out of La Juive

In a week when divas are rejigging their repertoire, Kristine Opolais has told Munich she won’s sing Rachel in Halévy’s La Juive, come October. Ms Opolais, who is married to the Boston music director Andris Nelsons, has a complicated schedule to juggle.

kristine opolais


Stepping in for Kristine will be the Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak, who will be singing the role opposite her husband, Roberto Alagna.

Aleksandra, in turn, will be replaced in the production as Eudoxia by the German soprano Hanna-Elisabeth Müller (marital status presently unknown).


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  • It goes from bad to worse when it comes to referring to women here. This time, Kristine Opolais is referred to by a last name…not her own! Can you not see how that is perpetuating sexism? What in all the world does her marital status have to do with this cast change? What is so difficult in referring to women on their own merits?

  • Why not state “Kristina Opolais” in the title and reference her marriage to Andris Nelsons in the text? Would that have taken away any of the excitement?

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