Last woman left in the Mahler Conducting Competition

There were three woman candidates in the last 14.

Now they are down to seven in the quarter-finals:

Kah Chun Wong, Keitaro Harada, Sergey Neller, Paolo Bortolameolli, Valentin Uryupin, Gemma New (pictured), Gabriel Bebeselea.

gemma new

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  • Nooooo! It can not be! Only one left?
    Oh, the humanity.
    I read this and now I am back in bed. I certainly do not have the strength to face the world, now.

  • A swinging ponytail is going to be a distraction for the audience as she conducts and possibly the orchestra as well, but I hope she does well.

    • No worse than Ozawa’s mop or Sir Simon’s… I have no words for his hair.

      Anyway, it looks like Gabriel Bebeselea might give her some competition in the hair department; however, they both might well lose to Keitaro Harada’s cheekbones.

    • I’d say that a ponytail’s movement would be negligible in comparison to a fine conductor’s more compelling movements. I’ve honestly never noticed her hairstyle as there is far more being conveyed in the actual conducting gestures.

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