Just when you thought it’s safe outside, the flashers are back

The Royal College of Music Orchestra have contrived to be a flash-mob at London’s Science Museum.

rpo science museum

Not sure what the point might be.

It’s the third or fourth orchestral flashmob we’ve been sent this month.

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  • Hm – the mix seems a bit clean for those surroundings. Wouldn’t be surprised if a recording session was involved.

    • Or they had a recording engineer who knew what he was doing, using minimalist but professional equipment. If you put 2-3 microphones exactly in the right spot, you even do away with the need for “mixing” (see Telarc, Mercury).
      Alas we often get “camera/mobile phone sound” a lot of the time when such occasions are recorded.

  • Young people having fun since exams are over and why not play something they like in the right setting

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