Front-page news: Gergiev will play tonight in Palmyra

The Mariinsky theatre orchestra, conducted by Valery Gergiev, will play a concert tonight in the historical Syrian town of Palmyra, recently ‘liberated’ with Russian help from IS tyranny and returned to the control of Russia’s ally, President Assad.

Gergiev has titled the concert, Pray for Palmyra. Music revives ancient remains.

He hopes to raise funds for the site’s restoration.


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  • A wonderful gesture, whatever one’s views on Gergiev, Putin or indeed Assad.

    This is art in the service of civilisation.

    Where can we watch this, Norman?

    Single issuers, please take note!

  • This is beyond laughable ….as a “wonderful gesture ” spare us !
    This is art in the service of politics

    • Consider the source.
      When RT utters as much as a single word that is even mildly critical of anything Russia is doing, please do not forget to let us know.

  • This is art in the service of those politicians and artists who are particularly desperate for positive publicity. Absolutely nothing that has been happening in Syria lately – on either side of the conflict – deserves to be “celebrated”.

  • Milka is milking the Russians playing in Palmyra more than Putin is milking the Russians liberating Palmyra.

    What? Oh, yeah. No, I don’t like Putin; I think he used to be cooler, but this might be a clone for all I know.

    But the Chaconne was good.
    And screw ISIS.
    Overall, I don’t care that it was a PR move, because it was a massive middle finger to the head-choppers.
    And that Prokofiev. The instruments might not have liked the heat (you could hear it) but naice.
    And the Chaconne was good.

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