Five strings are picked for diversity training

As we reported last July, the Mellon Foundation has given $900,000 to the Cincinnati Symphony and the local Conservatory to train up minority musicians to take the lead in professional symphony orchestras.

The first five candidates have been chosen – all string players, are area where minorities are most under-represented. The five are:

Emilio Carlo, 21 (viola); Diana Flores, 26 (cello); Blake-Anthony Johnson, 25 (cello); Vijeta Sathyaraj, 27 (violin); and Maurice Todd, 37 (double bass).


l-r: CSO concertmaster Timothy Lees, cellist Diana Flores, violist Emilio Carlo, violinist Vijeta Sathyaraj, cellist Blake-Anthony Johnson , double bassist Maurice Todd, CCM dean Peter Landgren

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