These 5 Slipped Disc readers win one year’s free viewing at Vienna Opera

We’ve got 230 names in the hat and are starting the draw for a free season’s livestreaming now.

simon rattle vienna



The winners:

1 William James Dundas

2 Andrew Condon

3 Rosalind Porter

4 Cristina Monica Hauser

5 Alexandra Ivanoff

Congratulations to the lucky winners. You will be contacted shortly by the Vienna State Opera with details of your free subscription.

Thanks to all who took part. Watch this space for more offers…… coming soon.

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  • And their email addresses are now available above for all the world to spam.

    I would have thought they’d be confidential !

  • Well done to the winners. I didn’t apply as I haven’t got the time to watch anymore opera than I am already!

  • I note that 60% of the entirely random winners are female.

    Just sayin’… We must turn the ladies on to Vienna by whatever means!

    And how many of the applicants were female? Or is that a secret?

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