Feeling glum? Call an opera singer

Feeling glum? Call an opera singer


norman lebrecht

May 25, 2016

There’s a scheme in the northeast of England by which people who need a boost can call an opera singer to come round and sing an aria.

Like a home-delivered pizza, only less fattening.

Suzanne was given an appointment for 11am which is when a singer called Carole, who used to be with English National Opera, arrived with “a little sound system”.

“She sat down and asked me to tell her about the problem and listened attentively. Then she said, ‘The aria I’ve chosen for you is Musetta’s Waltz from La Bohème’. It’s one of my favourites. She told me the story and then she sang it. I was really overcome. Three bars in, I burst into tears.”

Read all about it here.

This scheme needs to go national.

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  • Brian B says:

    Can I have both the aria and the pizza?