England’s record batsman: ‘Playing in an orchestra taught me to concentrate’

The England cricket captain Alistair Cook scored his 10,000th Test run yesterday, the first Englisman to do so and faster than anyone in history.

As a boy he sang in the St Paul’s Cathedral choir (2nd left from Kiri in the pic) and played in the school orchestra.

Here’s what he said about his musical background:

‘The musical training taught me to focus my mind, before playing in an orchestra taught me how to truly concentrate. If you miss your moment in an orchestra, there is no forgiving.’



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  • How wonderful to have that history behind him in both cricket and music, and a photo with Kiri in for the bargain as well!

  • Are you sure he’s second left? Isn’t he the one at the far left of the picture as we look at it, with his right eye cut off by the edge of the picture?

  • Just goes to show that music and sport are closely linked and follow the same basic principles. About time the rest of the world opened its eyes and realised that the two are closely related!

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