Cleveland assistant concertmaster steps down

After 34 years in the #2 seat, Yoko Moore has called time on the orchestra.

Appointed by Lorin Maazel, she was ordered to upgrade her instrument to Cleveland standard.

She supported just two concertmasters over a third of a century, Daniel Majeske and William Preucil.

Now, says Yoko, ‘I can’t do too much anymore. Physically, it’s enough for me.’

Cleveland’s front row won’t be the same without her.

yoko moore

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  • Cleveland’s front row won’t be the same without her and Principal Violist Robert Vernon who, retiring at the conclusion of this season, will have been at the helm of the viola section for 40 years.

      • No “antiquities”, Ohglorioso. Of course the Cleveland Orchestra will be perfectly fine. That doesn’t negate the fact that a well liked and respected player will be missed after 30 or 40 years of being there.

  • I had the honor and pleasure of Yoko’s company as concertmaster in Tulsa my second season as Music Director, the year before she went to Cleveland. Several fine musicians passed through that orchestra during my tenure, perhaps foremost among them David McGill and
    Erik Ralske. It was a very special time for the Tulsa Philharmonic, which ceased operation about a decade later.

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